Ten most beautiful airports in the world

by hiragana96


in this website, i have been to three of the most beautiful airports in the world, for me, Hong Kong is the best! followed by Changi Airport and then Incheon in Korea… but for me the most memorable airport that I have been too, is in Dubai, actually, it’s the first foreign airport that i have stepped foot on… I will never forget that day, I felt like I was in a beautiful dream, it was big and there were so many foreigners… i stayed there for half a day waiting for my connecting flight to Bahrain, and then, on my way back to Manila, from Saudi Arabia… The other airports that are also memorable for me are Thai Airport, which i stayed for almost a day, i slept there, I remember there weren’t any more passengers so the airport was closed, but i was going around the airport and also, i slept on the chairs…

the other airports that i have been to are BaHrain, Damam in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Bali Airport… 

the local one’s are of course Terminal 1 , Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, and in the domestic front, Cebu airport, KALIBO airport, which i have been to so many times, and once in Caticlan, i hate that place, it’s so expensive..